Is it expensive to get to the top of Google?

Apr 25, 2016 by the_lyall SEO

The short answer is that it doesn’t have to be unless you’re facing very heavy opposition. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is based largely on the text content of your website, and as long as you can edit your site content you can control it’s SEO.

Your ranking in search engines comes down to how well the search engine favours your site over your competition. So the amount of effort required to reach the top is determined by how hard your competitors optimise their sites.

Search Engine Optimisation is relatively straight forward, and with a basic understanding you can really turn your website around. SEO does take time though, both to plan what you’re going to do and to go through each page and work on it.

There are two main types of SEO:

  • On-site optimisation (meta tags, keyword content etc. on the website itself)
  • Off-site optimisation (inbound links from reputable sites etc.)

While we include basic on-site optimisation on every site we produce, we do not offer any off-site optimisation packages. There are numerous marketing agencies that will do this for you, and coming back to the title of this article – it can be as expensive as you want it to be!