responsive web design

Why do I need a ‘responsive’ website?

May 02, 2016 by the_lyall Business, SEO, Website Design

By responsive we mean, in basic terms, mobile-friendly. In reality it’s more than that and covers more than mobile phones for example but for the purposes of this article we’ll stick at that. There are various ways of having a mobile-friendly website, and in the not too distant past this was done by having two (or more) different versions of the website and directing the user

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Your Facebook page is no substitute for your website

I was recently talking with a business entrepreneur who was advised by someone in the publishing industry that a Facebook author page would be ok to use instead of creating an author website. I’ve occasionally been asked by people: Why not just use Facebook? Isn’t that where everyone is spending their time already? Why would people visit my site? Why bother with all the effort of

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Can any web designer improve my existing website?

Apr 25, 2016 by the_lyall Website Design

As technologies and design trends evolve websites, like most other things, become out of date and need touching up or rebuilding to remain effective (to keep making you money). Yes a fresh new website is the optimal solution if money is no object, but in recent times many businesses simply do not have the cash flow and so require a lower cost strategy that will, at

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