responsive web design

Why do I need a ‘responsive’ website?

May 02, 2016 by the_lyall Business, SEO, Website Design

By responsive we mean, in basic terms, mobile-friendly. In reality it’s more than that and covers more than mobile phones for example but for the purposes of this article we’ll stick at that. There are various ways of having a mobile-friendly website, and in the not too distant past this was done by having two (or more) different versions of the website and directing the user

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Is it expensive to get to the top of Google?

Apr 25, 2016 by the_lyall SEO

The short answer is that it doesn't have to be unless you're facing very heavy opposition. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is based largely on the text content of your website, and as long as you can edit your site content you can control it's SEO. Your ranking in search engines comes down to how well the search engine favours your site over your competition. So the

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