Can any web designer improve my existing website?

Apr 25, 2016 by the_lyall Website Design

As technologies and design trends evolve websites, like most other things, become out of date and need touching up or rebuilding to remain effective (to keep making you money).

Yes a fresh new website is the optimal solution if money is no object, but in recent times many businesses simply do not have the cash flow and so require a lower cost strategy that will, at the very least, tide them over.

But is this effective, and will website designers improve on someone else’s work?

The short answer is that not all web designers will do that, some do not have the in-house skills to do so, or are limited to specific systems or platforms.

But we’re happy to say that we can. We can usually edit or improve on most websites no matter who built them and what framework they use. It doesn’t matter if they’re a custom build, or made with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, WiX, GoDaddy, Shopify or pretty much any other system, we can probably edit them.

Sometimes this can be an easy task, but other times editing another web designers website can be difficult. But saying that, we’ve made improvements to virtually all types of website.

Depending on the platform used there may be compromises along the way, and we may only be able to estimate prices for some changes (on custom built systems for example), but after having a thorough ‘poke around’ we will provide a fixed project cost for you to work to.

We’re often asked to refresh a website’s design, fix problems that have been there for some time, make a website mobile friendly, improve the position in search engines (SEO), update its content, move to a different server, or quite simply use our expertise to make it more effective and start making you money again!

If you’d like to have a look at your website and let us know what’s involved, please get in touch and one of our developers will be be glad to help.